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For many Illinois households, energy costs place a severe and continuing stress on the family’s budget. In some instances, the household is forced to make painful decisions regarding which bills to pay and which necessities to survive without. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to help income eligible households pay for the rising cost of winter energy services.



Provides assistance through a one-time payment to the customer’s utility company. Bills must be in the name of the person applying.

LIHEAP Furnace

Provides assistance with furnace repairs or replacement. Homeowners must be income eligible and be current on their mortgage and taxes.

Neighbor to Neighbor

Helps households with utility assistance. Income guidelines are 300% of poverty level. 


The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) is designed to help customers manage their energy bills year round. Payments are based on a percentage of household income and are consistent year-round.

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2024 Income Eligibility Guidelines

In order to be eligible to receive assistance under the LIHEAP Program your household’s combined income is at or below 200% of the Federal poverty guidelines. If you rent and your heating electric is included in the rent, then if your rent is greater than 30% of your income you could be eligible to receive cash benefits.
Family Size 30-Day Gross Income
1 Person
2 Persons
3 Persons
4 Persons
5 Persons
6 Persons
7 Persons
8 Persons

How To Apply

When you apply for any type of assistance, be sure to bring in the following materials with you:
  • Proof of gross income from all household members for the 30-day period prior to the application date.
  • A copy of your current heat and electric bills
  • Proof of Social Security Numbers for all household members
  • If a member of your household receives, TANF, you must bring their “Medical Eligibility Card”
  • If your rent and utilities is included in the rent, bring proof of your rental agreement that states your monthly rent amount

Appeals - Your Rights

You have the right of appeal to either, or both programs if:
  • your application was not processed in a timely fashion  (approximately 30 days after you submit  all your information to the agency);
  • you disagree with the outcome of your application; or
  • you believe the payment or benefit received is incorrect. ​

For more information, and how to file an appeal, please read the “Your Rights” posters.

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