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Grant money for Fulton, IL households

United Way of Whiteside County has received $10,000 in restricted grant monies and is collaborating with its partner agency, Tri-County Opportunities Council, and the City of Fulton to distribute funds to households in Fulton that have fallen behind on rent, mortgage, or utility payments because of an impact from COVID-19. Eligibility restrictions apply. Payments go directly to vendors. 

Click here to complete the application.

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Rental Housing Support Program

Tri-County Opportunities Council’s Rental Housing Support Program is now accepting names for its waiting list.

The program provides affordable housing to individuals and families with extremely low income (under 30% of area median income) in the counties of Carroll, Lee, Putnam and Whiteside.

In addition, an Outreach Plan has been developed to assist individuals and families to enroll in additional agency programs in order to provide opportunities that support movement toward stability and self-sufficiency.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out our contact form here.

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CSBG COVID-19 programs

The Community Services Block Grant has a number of COVID-19 programs available. See below for details. Program guidelines limit CSBG eligibility to individuals and families having incomes at or below 200% of the federal poverty income guidelines. See our CSBG page for eligibility guidelines.

COVID-19 Food Assistance

Provides eligible households with financial assistance to purchase nutritious groceries for individuals/families that DO NOT receive SNAP benefits and have been affected by COVID-19.

  • Provides a voucher to qualified households to purchase food items only from local grocery stores.
COVID-19 Health Assistance

Provides eligible individuals with financial assistance to maintain a healthy and mental state for those affected by the COVID-19.

  • Provides up to 3 months of prescription payments in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Provides up to $300 for those seeking mental health support to cover sessions with a mental health provider for COVID-19 related concerns.
COVID-19 Relief Housing / Utility

Provides eligible individuals with rent, mortgage, and/or utility assistance in order to remain stably housed and sustain proficient utilities for those affected by COVID-19.

  • Provides up to two months of rent or mortgage payment, up to $1600, for those affected by the pandemic: laid-off, loss of hours, or have been quarantined by a doctor.
  • Provides up to $350 in utility support towards an electric, gas, or propane payment for those who do not qualify for LIHEAP assistance. 
COVID-19 Transportation

Provides eligible individuals with financial assistance for transportation needs for those affected by COVID-19.

  • Car Repairs – up to $1,000, must have been laid-off, loss hours, or were quarantined by a doctor; must show proof of secured employment, proof of car registration, proof of insurance, and a valid driver’s license.
  • Bus Passes – provide to up 3 months of passes.
  • License Plate Renewals – must have been laid-off, loss hours, or
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